Vienna Forum

Women Higher Education for Peace Vienna Forum, July 5th, 2016 — July 6th, 2016

Women Scholarship for Peace

A total of 30 full scholarships were made available to early career women professionals from the Global South to attend the Women Higher Education for Peace Vienna Forum.

Below is the list of scholarship recipients by region:


Dolphine Queenter, Kenya

Government (Nuclear Safety)

“Knowledge and Information for women and not weapons are the true sources of power.”

Jessica, The Democratic Republic of The Congo


“Disarmament to access justice and development.”

Mareike, UNODA, Regional Centre in Africa

International Organisation (Political Affairs)

“A great opportunity to join both young and experienced practitioners from across the globe in fostering women’s empowerment in disarmament, non-proliferation and arms control.”

Mary, South Sudan

NGO (Small Arms)

“An opportunity to enrich one's knowledge in the broader field of peace and security is an opportunity to root for humanity; it can only be harnessed.”

Rita, Cameroon

NGO (Youth)

“Empowering women and girls with Peace Education will enable them participate in the design and implementation of Disarmament, non proliferation and Arms Control efforts at all levels.”

Ruth, Uganda

Government (Nuclear Safety)

“Empowering women to preach a message of peace to the world.”

Segna, Nigeria

Government (Nuclear Safety)

“Nigeria has indicated interest in the peaceful applications of Nuclear Technology. The forum on my return will enable us as women working in the Nuclear industry interacts with other relevant stakeholders develop a blue print for a nuclear weapon free society.”

Theodora, Malawi

Academia (Security Studies)

“It is a great opportunity to acquire new knowledge in Peace, Disarmament and Non proliferation and network with other participants in the field.”


Bilgesu, Turkey

Academia (Social Sciences)

“There are many questions that I would like to research and find the answers to; such as how we, as social scientists or feminist activists-environmentalist activists, can get the world together on disarmament, peace and sustainable development, from a bigger perspective of the international organizations.”

Dan Huyen, Viet Nam

Government (Nuclear Safety)

“Become an international woman in the field of disarmament and non-proliferation through higher knowledge and international friendship and cooperation - Contributing to improve our women's role worldwide.”

Karuna, Nepal

NGO (Youth)

“This program shall equip me with skills in involving in the peace process so that I can train more young women to get involved into this process and take their roles as peace makers.”

Mariam, Islamic Republic of Iran

NGO (Sustainable Development)

“I am eager to participate in this forum to hear from key institutions that play a large role in the field of disarmament and sustainability and learn more about how I can play a more active role in the process.”

Melanie, UNODA, Regional Centre in Asia/Pacific

International Organisation (Political Affairs)

“The Forum provides an excellent opportunity for women from all over the globe, sharing the same interest in disarmament and non-proliferation, to meet, learn and be inspired by each other.”

Mutti, Indonesia

Academia (International Relations)

“The more you know about nuclear issues, the more you are morally responsible for improving nuclear education in your home country.”

Nadine, Philippines

Government (Foreign Affairs)


Roli, India

Public Information

“This is really exciting! My participation will help me get a better understanding of peace and disarmament while helping me meet other people working in this field. It will be inspiring!”

Middle East

Dina, Yemen

Private sector


Duaa, Jordan

Government (Nuclear Safety)

“The world will certainly become more powerful when we respect and celebrate our diversity, turn to each other, and build our scientific capacity for peace and development.”

Lamees, Saudi Arabia

Student (Information Technology and Security)

“I believe that the Women Higher Education for Peace Vienna Forum is a perfect opportunity to understand the impact of Information Security on peace.”

Rahma, Tunisia

Student (Law)

“Attending this forum will help me empower my ideas with facts and constructive talks. I believe that giving women this opportunity will not only give her power to benefit the world but also will open new doors ahead of them to learn and work in a proper way.”

Randa, Egypt

Government (Culture)


Rofida, Sudan

Chemical Engineering

“A great chance to trigger our potentials as women for more effective contribution towards a safer future.”

Latin America & Caribbean

Ana Lucia, Argentina

Government (Defence)

“This is a great opportunity to empower professional women who participate in decision-making processes and get the tools to be updated with international security and peace related issues.”

Ilieva, Cuba

Government (Nuclear Safety)

“I strongly believe women can make a big difference if we work together for a safer and better world. I´m more than glad to be part of this forum and I hope to learn a lot from it.”

Maia, Uruguay

Regional Development Bank (Economist)

“I imagine it will be a unique opportunity to meet, grow and learn from women with very different backgrounds, cultures, studies and experience who all share the same interests and goals towards world peace, education and sustainable development.”

Maria Camila, Colombia

Student (Political Affairs)

“I am really excited to be part of this Forum, for I am sure it will be an amazing opportunity for me to learn more about disarmament and non-proliferation, and emerge as an effective voice to engage others in participation activities.”

Milagros, UNODA, Regional Centre in Latin America

International Organisation (Administration)

“The forum embraces the crucial role played by women in the field of disarmament and non-proliferation and provides us with an incredible opportunity to gain knowledge from experts in field. In addition, the opportunity of building a network with women from the Global South will certainly strengthen our voices and encourage more women to immerse themselves in this area. I am certain that we can become a large force of change and move these issues forward.”

Patricia, Brazil

Government (Police)

“The knowledge and information will help me fight against violent crimes and find pacific solutions to social issues and conflicts that are presented in our lives daily, and also encourage me to always seek education, our biggest weapon.”

Sheryn, Ecuador

Government (Foreign Affairs)

“We have often been regarded as weak and delicate, while the truth is that females, as well as males, endure equitable suffering in times of war and violence. Lets not forget that war, although often accounted by men, has also female faces, hearts and voices. Hence, disarmament must include our voices, the voices and thoughts of those who have fought side-by-side by men, those who have endured the lost of their children, their partners in life, fathers and siblings... Let the World acknowledge that weapons and violence do not recognize genres and we are all subject to its consequences.”

Sofia, Chile

Academia (Socio Cultural Investigation)

“I want to learn new ways to communicate the importance of women in peacekeeping and disarmament for South America.”